Thursday, November 10, 2011

Taletta Larsdatter & Peder Pederson Travland

Here is a photo* of Taletta Larsdatter and Peder Pederson Travland, most likely taken in the 1860's in Haugesund, Rogaland county, Norway before the Travland family moved to the United States, based upon the photography studio listed on the back of the photo.  

The photo may have been taken in Stavanger, Norway during the 1870's on a trip back to Norway, but without the lower half of the photo it's impossible to know.

With a little research, I located a photograph from the Jan Greve studio with the backing intact that resembles the markings on the photo of Taletta and Peder.

A short history of the photographer, Jan Greve can be found here (click the 'translate' button to read in English).  

"Photographer Jan Greve was a studio photographer in Haugesund first (see nedanom), since in Stavanger during the years 1876-1895, in the years 1887-1895 with the drilling Mathias as companion."

*Photo provided by Trish Hodgens, the great granddaughter of Matilda (Ogel) and Lewis Travland.

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