Friday, November 4, 2011

Peder Pederson Travland Jr - marriage

Backing up a year.......

In 1867, a year before the Travland family moved to the United States, a couple of events occurred in the life of Peder Pederson Travland Jr, the son of Taletta Larsdatter and Peder Pederson Travland.

The first major event to occur, Peder Pederson Travland Jr,  married Susanne Iversdatter Skaar.  Susanne was the youngest sister of my great great great grandmother, Mari (Iversdatter Skaar) Finnestad.

Here is the marriage record from Fister parish, Rogaland county, Norway.

Peder and Susanne (entry #3) were married April 17, 1867.    Peder was the first of the Travland sons to marry.

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