Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Peder Pederson Travland Jr - return to the United States

Taletta (Larsdatter) and Peder Pederson Travland's eldest son, Peder came back to Norway and brought his wife, Susanne (Iversdatter Skaar) and their two children, Peder and Iverdine to the United States in 1871.

The Travland family sailed on the Nordens Dronning on May 13, 1871 from Stavanger, Norway and arrived in Quebec, Canada on July 14, 1871.     Below is the passenger list - the family can be found by locating entries 5th through 9th from the bottom.  Traveling with the Travland family was Iverdine Olsdatter Finnestad, Susanne's niece.

The left column indicates that Susanne and Peder's children did not survive the trip and died at sea. 

Also traveling on the ship was Susanne's niece Rakkel (Rachel) Olsdatter Finnestad, Iverdine's younger sister, who is listed with her aunt Martha Iversdatter Skaar, the elder sister of Susanne.   My great great great grandmother, Mari (Iversdatter Skaar) Finnestad was the mother of Iverdine and Rakkel and the eldest sister of Susanne and Martha.

A transcription of the passenger list can be found here.

I had originally posted a couple of years about Rakkel and Iverdine Finnestad and their travels on the Finnestad blog.

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