Thursday, December 22, 2011


Here is a photo* of the grandchildren of Taletta Larsdatter and Peder Pederson Travland and who I believe is their step-aunt Bertha (Finnestad) Haaland.

Lena, Martin, Ida (Travland) Mortimer, Aunt Bertha (Finnestad) Haaland, Ben and Inga (Travland) Arno.    Lena, Martin, Ida, Ben and Inga were the children of Matilda (Ogel) and Lewis Travland.

This photo would have been taken prior to April 29, 1929 when Bertha had passed away.     I do not know of any other 'Bertha' in the family.    Bertha Haaland was the sister of Iverdine, the first wife of Lewis Travland.   Because Bertha and husband Andrew did not have any children they may have spent more of their life traveling than other family members.

If I find a Bertha on Matilda's side of the family I'll update this post.

*Photo provided by Trish Hodgens, the great granddaughter of Matilda (Ogel) and Lewis Travland.

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