Sunday, October 23, 2011

Taletta Larsdatter - confirmation

The baptism record for Peder Pederson Travland's future wife, Taletta Larsdatter is not available.  I had come across the records for her younger and older siblings, but the years covering Taletta are missing, making verification of her birth date difficult.  Her birth appears to have been 1813 according to records from Kyllingstad, Gjesdal, Rogaland county, Norway.    The parish records from the Lye Gjesdal parish for the period between 1801 - 1815 are not available online.    

The confirmation record (#17) for Taletta would indicate she was born late 1813 or in the first few months of 1814.

This confirmation record is from the parish of Lye (also known as Time) located in Rogaland county, Norway.    Taletta was baptized October 13, 1828.   Taletta's parents are listed in the 6th column, Lars Pederson and Bertha Elizabeth Torkelsdatter.

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